A Rights of Shareholders
A.1   Basic Shareholder Rights  
  A.1.1 Does the company pay (interim and final/annual) dividends in an equitable and timely manner; that is all shareholders are treated equally and paid within 30 days after being (i) declared for interim dividends and (ii) approved by shareholders at general meetings for final dividends? In case the company has offered Scrip dividend, did the company paid the dividiend within 60 days? WEB: Historical Graphic
A.2   Rights to Participate in Fundamental Corporate Changes  
  A.2.1 Amendments to the company's constitution? DEFAULT
  A.2.2 The authorisation of additional shares? DEFAULT
  A.2.3 The transfer of all or substantially all assets, which in effect results in the sale of the company? DEFAULT
A.3   Right to Participate and Vote in GMS (General Shareholder Meeting)  
  A.3.1 Do shareholders have the opportunity, evidenced by an agenda item, to approve remuneration (fees, allowances, benefit-in-kind and other emoluments) or any increases in remuneration for the non-executive commissioners? File: Explanation of AGM Agenda
  A.3.2 Does the company provide non-controlling shareholders a right to nominate candidates for board of directors/commissioners? DEFAULT
  A.3.3 Does the company allow shareholders to elect directors/commissioners individually? File: Explanation of AGM Agenda
  A.3.4 Does the company disclose the voting procedures used before the start of meeting? File: Resolution part C; The rules of AGM (10)
  A.3.5 Do the minutes of the most recent AGM record that the shareholders were given the opportunity to ask questions and the questions raised by shareholders and answers given recorded? File: Resolution of AGM
  A.3.6 Does the company disclose the voting results including approving, dissenting, and abstaining votes for all resolutions/each agenda item for the most recent AGM? File: Resolution of AGM
  A.3.7 Does the company disclose the list of baord members who attended the most recent AGM? File: Resolution of AGM
  A.3.8 Does the company disclose that all board members and the CEO (if he is not a board member) attended the most recent AGM? File: Resolution of AGM
  A.3.9 Does the company allow voting in absentia? File: The Rules of AGM
  A.3.10 Did the company vote by poll (as opposed to by show of hands) for all resolutions at the most recent AGM? File: The Rules of AGM
  A.3.11 Does the company disclose that it has appointed an independent party (scrutineers/inspectors) to count and/or validate the votes at the AGM? File: Resolution of AGM part D
  A.3.12 Does the company make publicly available by the next working day the result of the votes taken during the most recent AGM/EGM for all resolutions? File: Resolution of AGM
  A.3.13 Does the company provide at least 21 days notice for all AGMs and EGMs? DEFAULT
  A.3.14 Does the company provide the rationale and explanation for each agenda item which require shareholder's approval in the notice of AGM/circulars and/or the accompanying statement? File: The rules of AGM
  A.3.15 Does the company give the opportunity for shareholder to place item/s on the agenda of AGM? File: The rules of AGM
A.4   Markets for Corporate Control in Efficient and Transparent Manner  
  A.4.1 In cases of mergers, acquisitions and/or takeovers requiring shareholders' approval, does the board of directors/commissioners of the company appoint an independent party to evaluate the fairness of the transaction price? File: Prospectus merger
A.5   Exercise of Ownership Rights by All Shareholders, including Institutional Investors  
  A.5.1 Does the company disclose its practices to encourage shareholders to engage the company beyond AGM? WEB: Calender of Events