Corporate Social Responsibility


Lippo Karawaci focuses on three main pillars for its CSR activities, namely: education, public health, and environmental awareness.

The foundation of Lippo Karawaci’s vision is to impact lives, particularly through environmentally friendly, high quality and sustainable business activities. This corporate focus is in line with the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stipulated in Article 1 No. 3 of Law No. 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Company, which states that “a commitment by a company to actively participate in a sustainable economic development to improve the quality of life and environment for the collective benefit of the company, local community, and society at large".

Based on the corporate vision, since its inception the Company has conducted CSR activities, either organized directly by the company or through its subsidiaries, as well as in collaboration with other companies operating under a similar vision. This way, companies that are involved can maximize resources to perform CSR activities collectively to achieve their aims.

Lippo Karawaci’s CSR activities focus on three main pillars, namely education, public health, and environmental awareness, with special focus on critical situations that arise in the country, such as natural disasters that impact many lives. These pillars are interrelated with the objective to improve the quality of life and prosperity of the nation in general.

Support for Students and Children

Education is a key success factor to support young generation secure a more promising future, but unfortunately not all children have equal access and opportunity to good education to be able to pursue their dreams. The Company also realizes that not all children have the luxury to have a good quality of life. Some do not even have the chance to meet their parents.

Since 2011, Lippo Karawaci has cooperated with several other companies which have a similar vision to regularly provide support for students and orphans, in form of cash and other means, to ensure they get proper education and better quality of life. In 2014, the Company’s CSR activities in this field, among others, included:

  • Holding a student fun workshop with the theme “Go Green” in Ekalokasari Plaza, Bogor, with participants from Greenpeace Indonesia and students from local elementary schools in Bogor.
  • Donation of school utilities in cooperation with HIMPAUDI, a foundation in West Bekasi focusing on pre-school education with 31 pre-schools under its wing. There are approximately 500 children under the foundation.
  • During Ramadan, the Company handed out cash and staple foods for around 50 poor children and families living near Grand Mal Bekasi. It also gave donation to orphans from local orphanages in Bogor and who lived around Ekalokasari Plaza, Bogor. In Lippo Plaza Medan, there was a breakfasting with 100 orphans.
  • Holding an event breakfast with Santa in front of Malang Town Square, inviting elementary school students and passersby.
  • Donating 204 pairs of shoes and socks to three orphanages in Bandung in celebration of the 204th anniversary of Bandung.

These activities show that the Company truly cares about humans in Indonesia. Lippo Karawaci believes that better human resources will contribute significantly to the quality of life and prosperity of the nation.

Increasing the Quality of Healthcare

The Company aims to improve healthcare quality throughout the country by operating hospitals with international standards in many areas, even the remote ones, and investing in the most sophisticated medical equipments.

As of December 31, 2014, its subsidiary PT Siloam Hospitals International Tbk operated 20 hospitals, with total capacity of more than 4,800 beds, 1,800 GP doctors and specialists, and 7,000 nurses and health professionals.

Lippo Karawaci does not solely look for revenues from the hospitals, but they are also built to serve the people so that local communities have access to good quality but affordable primary and secondary healthcare services.

Through Siloam Hospitals, the company also conducted CSR activities on a regular basis to give more people access to healthcare regardless of their economic background by cooperating with government and social agencies in the areas where the hospitals are located.

In 2014, the hospitals were involved in these activities, among others:

  • Organizing free medical services to local communities and tenants and visitors of Grand Mal Bekasi.
  • Providing social care for victims of eruptions in Mount Kelud and Mount Sinabung, as well as flood victims in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, in cooperation with authorities and social agencies.
  • Holding blood donation events in Lippo malls nationwide.

Prioritizing Environmental Sustainability

Lippo Karawaci always prioritizes environmental sustainability on property development. The Company integrates eco-friendly concept, and aligns green space with the best amenities. Lippo Village, as an example, has 21% of the total land area dedicated to green space, with more than 56,850 trees planted in the vicinity to anticipate the impact of climate change and curb rising air temperature and pollution.

Lippo Karawaci also constructed a Water Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant to recycle water into drinking water and irrigation needs, respectively. It incorporates flood prevention measures in the blueprint of independent cities projects. For example, Lippo Village’s golf course is strategically placed to allow rainwater to be naturally absorbed into the groundwater system. Kemang Village has a wet detention basin capable of holding a total of 90,000 cubic meters of rainwater.

Township development activities also open up work opportunities for local communities. The Company’s main townships provide employment for more than 45,000 workers, while the light industrial independent city of Cikarang offers jobs to more than 320,000 workers. The Company’s commercial business, through the operations of 40 malls and 8 hotels throughout Indonesia, also absorbs a number of workforce.

These employment opportunities provide benefits for local communities and workers to attain a better quality of life, and the Company is proud to be involved in creating jobs for the people of Indonesia.