D Disclosure Transparency
D.1   Transparent Ownership Structure  
  D.1.1 Does the information on shareholdings reveal the identity of beneficial owners, holding 5% shareholding or more? WEB: Shareholder Strucutre
  D.1.2 Does the company disclose the direct and indirect (deemed) shareholdings of major and/or substantial shareholders? -
  D.1.3 Does the company disclose the direct and indirect (deemed) shareholdings of directors (commissioners)? WEB: Ownership Structure
  D.1.4 Does the company disclose the direct and indirect (deemed) shareholdings of senior management? WEB:  Ownership Structure
  D.1.5 Does the company disclose details of the parent/holding company, subsidiaries, associates, joint ventures and special purpose enterprises/vehicles (SPEs)/(SPVs)? AR page 144-145
D.2   Quality of Annual Report  
  D.2.1 Corporate Objectives File: AR page 90 - 91
  D.2.2 Financial performance indicators File: AR page 221 - 235
  D.2.3 Non-financial performance indicators File: AR page 150-153
  D.2.4 Dividend Policy

Web: Dividen Policy    File: AR page 22

  D.2.5 Biographical details (at least age, academic qualifications, date of first appointment, relevant experience, and any other directorships of listed companies) of all directors/commissioners File: AR page 92 - 103
  D.2.6 Attendences details of each director/commissioner in all directors/commissioners meetings held during the year File: AR page 321 - 327
  D.2.7 Total Remuneration of each member of the Board of Directors/Commissioners File: AR page 319
  D.2.8 Does the Annual Report contain a statement confirming the Company's full compliance with the code of corporate governance and where there is non-compliance, identify and explain reasons for each such issue? File: AR page 45
D.3   Disclosure of Related Party Transaction (RPTs)  
  D.3.1 Does the company disclose its policy covering the review and approval of material RPTs?- -
  D.3.2 Does the company disclose the name, relationship, nature and value for each material RPTs? -
D.4   Directors and Commissioners Dealings in Shares of The Company  
  D.4.1 Does the company disclose trading in the company's shares by insiders? -
D.5   External Auditor and Auditor Report  
  D.5.1 Are audit fees disclosed? File: AR page 380
  D.5.2 Are the non-audit fees disclosed? File: AR page 380
  D.5.3 Does the non-audit fee exceed the audit fees? File: AR page 380
D.6   Medium of Communication  
  D.6.1 Quarterly Reporting WEB: Financial Statements
  D.6.2 Company Website (www.lippokarawaci.co.id)
  D.6.3 Analys't Briefing WEB: Calender of Events & AR page 375
  D.6.4 Media briefings/press conferences WEB: Press Conf
D.7   Timely Filing/Release of Annual/Financial Reports  
  D.7.1 Are the audited annual financial report/statement released within 120 days from the financial year end? File: OJK .Net
  D.7.2 Is the annual report released within 120 days from the financial year end? File : OJK .Net
  D.7.3 Is the true and fairness/fair representation of the annual financial statement/reports affirmed by the board of directors/commissioners and/or the relevant officers of the company? File: AR page 362
D.8   Company Website  
  D.8.1 Business Operations WEB: Business Overview
  D.8.2 Financial statements/reports (current and prior years) WEB: Financial Statements
  D.8.3 Materials provided in briefings to analysts and media WEB: Company Presentations
  D.8.4 Shareholding structure WEB:  Structure
  D.8.5 Group Corporate Structure File: AR page 144-145
  D.8.6 Downloadable Annual Report File: Annual Report
  D.8.7 Notice of AGM and/or EGM File: Notification of AGM
  D.8.8 Minutes of AGM and/or EGM File: Resolution of AGM
  D.8.9 Company's constitution (company's by-laws, memorandum and articles of association) File: Article of Association
D.9   Investor Relations  
  D.9.1 Does the company disclose the contact details of the officer/office responsible for investor relations? WEB: Investor Information