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Lippo Mall Puri and Sun Plaza Awarded EDGE Green Building Certification
17 February 2023


Lippo Mall Puri and Sun Plaza Awarded EDGE Green Building Certification

·    Two of LMIR Trust’s biggest upmarket malls - Lippo Mall Puri and Sun Plaza – awarded EDGE green building certification for sustainable design and resource efficiency


Jakarta, 16 February 2022 PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk ("LPKR" or "Company"), Indonesia’s leading real estate and healthcare platform based on revenue, is proud to announce that Lippo Mall Puri and Sun Plaza – two malls owned by Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust (“LMIR Trust” or “LMIRT”) – have been awarded the EDGE green building certification.


This is the first green building certification received by the retail portfolio of LPKR, which is LMIRT’s sponsor and holds a 47.0% stake in the Trust. Lippo Mall Puri is located in the St. Moritz Jakarta Integrated Development, the largest mixed-used development in West Jakarta, while Sun Plaza is located in Medan, North Sumatra.

EDGE - Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies - is a green building standard and global certification system developed by the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”), a member of the World Bank Group. EDGE certification is awarded to buildings that demonstrate resource efficiency of at least 20% in energy, water, and embodied energy in materials compared to conventional buildings. In Indonesia, EDGE certification is issued by the Green Building Council Indonesia (“GBCI”).

The deployment of energy-efficient systems and measures has resulted in energy savings of 21% in Lippo Mall Puri and 24% in Sun Plaza, while the adoption of water-efficient faucets and rainwater harvesting systems has resulted in water savings of 31% in Lippo Mall Puri and 35% in Sun Plaza. These initiatives translate into utility cost savings of Rp 9,087.43 million and Rp 8,495.41 million annually for Lippo Mall Puri and Sun Plaza respectively.

John Riady, the CEO of LPKR, said, “We are proud that two of LMIR Trust’s biggest upmarket malls, Lippo Mall Puri and Sun Plaza, have been awarded the EDGE green building certification. This marks an important milestone for both LPKR’s and LMIRT’s sustainability journey. As Indonesia’s largest mall developer and operator, we are committed to making significant strides to improve our resource efficiency through adopting sustainable design and environmental best practices in our operations.”

About Lippo Karawaci (“LPKR”) (

Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, Lippo Karawaci (“LPKR”) is Indonesia’s leading real estate and healthcare platform, with a presence in 44 cities across Indonesia and total assets of US$3.6 billion as at 31 December 2021. Our core business comprises of urban residential developments, lifestyle malls and healthcare. We are also actively involved in integrated developments, hospitality, township development and management, as well as asset management services.

As a leading real estate developer and township operator with 1,332 ha of landbank ready for development, LPKR develops and manages urban developments primarily in Java and Sulawesi, including at our flagship township Lippo Village in Tangerang. Through LPKR’s two publicly listed subsidiaries, PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk and PT Gowa Makassar Tourism Development Tbk, of which we own 84.0% and 62.7% respectively, we also develop and manage the townships of Lippo Cikarang in Bekasi and Tanjung Bunga in Makassar.

In addition, LPKR owns 58.05% of PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk, Indonesia’s leading private hospital network, with 41 hospitals in 30 cities nationwide. Aside from healthcare, we manage 59 malls across Indonesia, and hold a 47.0% stake in Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust, a Singapore-listed REIT with S$1.81 billion of assets under management as of December 31, 2021. We also operate 10 hotels under the Aryaduta brand, including a country club and golf course.


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