Rights of Shareholders

PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk

Rights of Shareholders and Employee

Rights of Shareholders

a) To obtain dividends with regards to terms and conditions and the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders (“GMS”).

b) To participate in decision making at the GMS based on the terms and conditions and the regulations of GMS.

c) To receive information about the regulations of GMS and voting procedures at GMS.

d) To request a GMS in writing to the Company if the shareholder owns minimum 10% of the shares.

e) To propose the GMS agenda if the shareholder owns minimum 10% of the shares.

Rights of Employees

In order to create peace and comfort in working and running the business, Company has created Company Regulation (“CR”). Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Company and Employee are regulated clearly in the CR where two sides appreciate, respect, trust, and cooperate. CR also regulates health policy, safety, welfare of the employees and also training and development for employees.

The Company Regulation shall be revised periodically by the Company.

Employees have the right to:

1. Receive wage/salary as a reward for working.

2. Receive wage/salary for overtime that has been regulated in CR.

3. Receive and use their leave.

4. Receive a compensation of healthcare according to CR.

5. Receive all kinds of allowance according to CR.

6. Expressing opinions, suggestions and proposal that help improve the performance and progress of the Company.

7. Having the chance to work in accordance with the skills and competencies in the Company.

8. Apply for resignation according to the conditions in CR and legislation in force.

9. Getting Retirement according with the applicable provisions.